What We Do

At Sweetwater Branch Inn we continually increase our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, and be responsible stewards of our community. Below are highlights of our current initiatives, but certainly not everything! 


Maintaining old homes reduces the demand for new construction, as well as keeping the carbon captured in the wood out of the atmosphere. We also emphasize reuse in our furnishings. 

Learn more about the history of these homes.

Support Local

Starting with the farm-fresh eggs from Windsor included in breakfast, we buy local where possible, and encourage our guests to visit local restaurants and shops. A yellow lily and lily pads in the pond at Sweetwater

No Fertilizers or Pesticides

No fertilizers or pesticides are used to maintain the grounds and gardens, an important choice to protect the water in the Florida aquifer. That’s why you see so many happy butterflies!

No Plastic Water Bottles

Cups, pitchers, and reverse-osmosis purified water stations eliminate the need for plastic or disposable water bottles. It also tastes better! We have reusable water bottles available for the bicycles.

Food & Dishes

We use non-disposable dishes whenever possible, in both lodging and events. Our disposable products are eco-friendly, and we make an effort to reduce food and packaging waste wherever possible.

On Demand Water Heating 

We switched to on-demand water heating, to reduce energy use.

Saltwater Pool Heated Saltwater Pool and Jacuzzi at Sweetwater

Our pool and jacuzzi use saltwater instead of chlorine, which is better for the environment, and our guests’ skin. 

Low-Impact Toilets 

The toilets throughout the property are low-impact, to reduce water use.

Complimentary Bike Rental

Bicycles for guests to ride can be found in front of the office. They’re a great way to explore downtown, the nearby bike paths, and provide an alternative to driving.

Sweetwater is also walking distance to downtown, including many restaurants, cafes, bars, and the Hippodrome Theatre. See more things to do in Gainesville.