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I’m a University of Florida parent. Does Sweetwater have any packages for Gator parents? How far away is UF?

We love our families! We offer special discounts for parents of both UF and Santa Fe students – just ask! We are located 10-15 minutes away from UF’s Main Gainesville campus, and we do offer pre-arranged shuttle services to and from UF.

Psst…we recommend reserving your rooms for Graduation as far ahead of time as you can…we book up for Spring Graduation months in advance.

I only support businesses that feature green initiatives and keep the environment in mind. How eco-friendly is Sweetwater?

We are proud to feature an eco-friendly salt pool and spa. Salt is a more natural approach and is safer on skin and hair than the harsh chlorine chemical tablets. Also, a saltwater pool will not fade or damage your swimsuit as much as a chlorinated pool. A saltwater pool will not leave you feeling as though you just got out of the ocean, and the water will not taste salty like the ocean. Instead, this system is meant to provide you with the same benefits as a chlorine-based system pool, without the large amounts of harmful chemicals.

Sweetwater also politely asks guests to consider their water usage levels in their rooms, and we ask guests to consider using their bathroom towels for 2-3 days instead of requesting fresh towels daily to drastically reduce laundry water usage. We use eco-friendly laundry chemicals to wash all items.
We have signs placed throughout the property to alert guests to turn off unnecessary lights.

We maintain a compost for excess, unused food products. We also buy many food ingredients locally at our Farmer’s Market and work with local North Florida vendors to provide fresh meals for our guests. If you have a great idea to help us further our environmental efforts, please, let us know!

I’m flying in through Gainesville Regional Airport. Will I need to rent a car?

We are a quick 10-minute drive from the Gainesville Regional Airport. However, for a $25 fee, Sweetwater Inn offers pre-arranged, round-trip shuttle services for all guests who wish to travel to and from the airport, or to and from the University of Florida. Call our front desk at 352.373.6760 to coordinate your pick-up!

We ask that you schedule your shuttle at least 24 hours before your arrival time. Then, all you need to do is give us a call at (352) 373-6760 when you have your bags and we’ll send the shuttle right over!

We also offer one-way shuttles each direction for a $15 fee. Please keep in mind that our shuttles only operate from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm unless otherwise arranged by a University of Florida department.

Can my special breakfast time be accommodated?

Absolutely! Sweetwater is happy to make special arrangements for your group or provide a breakfast to-go.

I have a dietary restriction. Can you accommodate me?

We are happy to accommodate most dietary restrictions. We just ask that you inquire about available options at least 48 hours before you check-in.

What is typically served at breakfast?

Our hot plates are always stocked with freshly baked delicacies, including decadent French toast casseroles, vegetable frittatas, sweet berry or pumpkin crepes, sausage and bacon, buttery biscuits, savory onion focaccia French toast, puff pancakes, egg scrambles, cheesy grits, and savory roasted potatoes are just some of the breakfast items we offer.

We also have a consistent cold breakfast bar, with homemade granola, yogurt, whole milk, and fresh local fruit, as well as English muffins and toast with preserves. We always include orange juice (freshly squeezed when in season) and our special Sweetwater blend of organic coffee.l

This is my first bed and breakfast experience. What amenities can I expect?


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