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The Best Way to Visit Gainesville for the UF Preview and Orientation

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One of the biggest attractions to Gainesville is the University of Florida, and each year, groups of new people come and visit to attend the UF Preview and Orientation! In this exciting time of year, there’s plenty of dates and events for you to remember. so we have prepared this comprehensive guide to help you keep track of everything you need to know as in incoming student/parent of an incoming student for the University of Florida! 

Want to stay in Gainesville a bit longer? Or do you anticipate having free time between orientation meetings? Check out our blog to see the rest of what Gainesville has to offer!

Everything You Need to Know About the UF Preview and Orientation

First Year

The First-Year UF Preview and Orientation is a two-day event where new students can learn about what life on campus is like and how to prepare for their first semester in higher education! You may be ready to hop on a bus and step foot on campus, but before you come, make sure you submit your immunization records, complete preview prep and the ALEKS placement exam, and apply for your Gator 1 card! 

Parents & Families

The University of Florida also provides a Parents & Families Preview so that you can know how to best support your incoming Gator! Take advantage of the university’s resources so you can help answer any questions your child might have. 

Transfer Students

The UF Preview and Orientation for Transfer Students is a one-day event that will allow transfer students to meet their new advisor’s and start planning out what their first semester at the University will be like. 

Graduate Students

If you’re coming into the Graduate Program at the University of Florida, first and foremost, congratulations! The orientation for Graduate Students is an online program where you can learn about your important resources that you will rely on during your new studies! 

What You Can Do While Your Child is in UF Preview and Orientation

If you aren’t taking part in the Parents & Family Orientation, there are a ton of great events and activities to join in around Gainesville! After reading our free Vacation Guide, take a look at the rest of our blogs that can provide more detailed information on when and where you can enjoy the fun of central Florida. 

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