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3 of the Best Tips for Traveling from Tallahassee to Gainesville

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Traveling from Tallahassee to Gainesville, Florida, is as easy as one, two, three. Take a look and uncover our best tips for traveling to our wonderful city! There’s plenty to see and do both on the way over as well as when you arrive. If you want a complete list of things to do when you step foot in Gainesville, make sure you request our comprehensive Vacation Guide. It details all of the best restaurants, outdoor excursions, wineries, breweries, events, and more just within the area. Get your guide, and begin planning your trip!

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How to Travel from Tallahassee to Gainesville

1- Choose Either of These Modes of Transportation

Travel by Bus

There are plenty of bus companies that offer affordable, round trip tickets to Gainesville and back. Many come with power outlets to keep your phone charged for the 2-hour and 23-minute drive to the city! Here are just a few bus trips you can take:

RedCoach: This bus company will drop you off at Frazier Rogers Hall, right at the University of Florida

-Greyhound: offers three pick-up times and provides free wifi during the bus ride

Travel by Car

Or, simply hop in the car and begin your scenic drive to Gainesville. If you’re able to travel this way, you can turn the trek into a road trip and stop at some beautiful sites that are sprinkled along the way. Here are just a few places you can stop and explore on your way to Gainesville:

-Big Shoals State Park: Drive 1-hour and 45-minutes from Tallahassee to get to this park. Take a moment to relax on the white, sandy beaches of the Suwannee River. Or, stretch your legs on the 33-miles of hiking trails for to decompress from a few hours in the car.

-High Springs, Florida: This city is 51-minutes from Big Shoals State Park. Here, you have to visit the stunning PoeSprings Park. This natural spring is filled with gorgeous, crystal clear water. Even if you don’t have time to take a dip, you can still take in the view from the boardwalk.


2- How to Pass the Time

-Road trips are a great opportunity to catch up with your loved ones. When’s the last time you made a phone call just to talk? You may find that time flies by much faster when you’re caught up in conversation.

-Sweet, or Sour? Return to your childhood days with this friendly game. Simply wave as other drivers pass, and if they wave back, they’re sweet! If not, they’re a little sour.

3-What to Do Upon Arrival

There are so many things to do in Gainesville. If you’re looking for a bite to eat after the drive over, we suggest treating yourself to a meal at Embers Wood Grill. Then, for an evening cocktail, visit a local winery or brewery to set you at ease. Or, if you’d rather have a thrilling first few hours out in the city, consider visiting the Arcade Bar to spark the fun of your childish side!

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