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4 of the Best Stops from Savannah, GA, to Gainesville, FL

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Are you planning a road trip between Savannah, GA, and Gainesville, FL? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. You might think I-95 is pretty boring, but you’d be wrong! In this blog, we’ll tell you about four fun and often forgotten stops you should make to spice up your journey. From hidden historical gems to scenic seashores, you won’t have a minute to get bored. Read on, take notes, and make your trip to Gainesville the most exciting it can be. 

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The Ultimate Road Trip Between Savannah, GA, and Gainesville, FL

The Smallest Church in America | Georgia

Your trip from Savannah, GA, to Gainesville, FL, mostly takes place along I-95 and takes around three hours to complete. This leaves you time to make stops along the way and turn the journey into a fun adventure. Our first favorite stop that we think you should see is about 40 minutes south of Savannah in South Newport, GA. Stop to see the Smallest Church in America! This adorable church was built in 1949 and makes for a great break. You can even have a picnic there and snap a cute picture for your Instagram. 

Cumberland National Seashore | Georgia

You can find our second stop a little less than two hours away from Savannah. The Cumberland National Seashore in Georgia is a sight to behold along I-95. Drive to St. Marys, where you’ll find the ferry to take you to this gorgeous stretch of land along the ocean. It’s a marvelous place to hike or spot some wildlife. One piece of advice: Bring your camera along! 

Jacksonville, FL

Your journey on I-95 ends in Jacksonville, FL. Before you hop on US-301, spend some time in the city! There’s plenty to do, including going to the beach and walking on the pier, having lunch at one of the many downtown restaurants, and even visiting the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Micanopy, FL

Our last stop on this fun road trip is actually 20 minutes past Gainesville, but it’s worth driving a little bit longer—believe us. Micanopy is one of those historical small towns hidden in the woods that you fall in love with instantly. It’s peaceful, private, and makes you feel like you traveled back in time. You’ll love browsing through the antique shops on Main Street, eating delicious sandwiches at the Old Florida Cafe, and walking around the cute houses.

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