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How to Complete Your Road Trip from Atlanta to Miami

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If you’re planning a road trip from Atlanta to Miami, you’ll find that it takes 9-hours and 30-minutes. When you’re not a fan of car rides, this may sound like a daunting journey! So, we have a few tips to make your road trip that much easier. Rather than driving well into the night, why not break up your trip with a fun excursion to Gainesville? Get acquainted with the area using our free Vacation Guide. It contains our favorite restaurants, attractions, nightlife, museums, and more. Request yours and see how an evening in our city can make your vacation so much easier.

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Take a Road Trip from Atlanta to Miami the Right Way

The First Stretch

Once you pack your bag for your weekend getaway and get on the road, it takes a reasonable 5-hours to reach Gainesville, Florida. On your way in, you’ll also pass High Springs, where you can take throw on your bathings suit to take a quick dip at crystal clear natural springs at Poe Springs Park. After you’ve stretched your legs with a swim, Gainesville is only 33-minutes away!

A Stay in Gainesville

There’s an activity for any getaway you’re taking in Gainesville. If you’re looking for romance during your day trip, treat your loved one to a delicious wine tasting or take a stroll through a state park. If you seek an adrenaline rush, there’s no better place to go than the Gainesville Raceway! Or, for an experience unique to the area, you’ll love floating down the river in a colorful inner tube or having a blast at the local Arcade Bar. Visit us at Sweetwater Branch Inn to stay right nearby all of these awesome excursions.

The Final Stretch

Upon leaving Gainsville, make sure you fuel up with a complimentary Breakfast at Sweetwater Branch Inn. We offer rotating specials, including frittatas, biscuits, french toast, homemade granola, and more. Then as you start on the road, if you want to make one final stop, you should take the time to visit Micanopy, Florida. This tiny town is directly on the road you take to continue your drive to Miami and feels as if it’s frozen in time. Or, if you’re anxious to start exploring what lies ahead including West Palm Beach,  Miami Beach, the Kennedy Space Center, theme parks, and more, you only a 5-hour drive away from it all.

Sweetwater Branch Inn Has Your Perfect AccommodationTiffany's Room Sitting Area

Sweetwater Branch Inn is a lovely and unique place to stay during your road trip from Atlanta to Miami. We’re only minutes away from the heart of downtown Gainesville and the best attractions. We also have plenty of cozy suites to rest your head in for the evening. Enjoy the Tiffany Suite that comes with a beautiful queen-size bed, a walk-in shower, and a gorgeous, decorative fireplace. We have everything you need to complete your day trip right here at the Inn!

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