Our Furry Friends

One of the many great things about Sweetwater are the furry companions that greet you when you arrive. We just wanted to share our friends with everyone in case they’re in hiding when you come.

Butterscotch takes a nap in the Gazebo. I’m a little jealous of him at times…

(Photo by K-Gallery)

Mama Kitty decided the stroller was hers for the day.

Butterscotch graces the wedding party with his presence!

(Photo by Rob Witzel)

The cat on the left has a few names, but I call him Boots. I’ve also heard his name was Scooter. None of us are really sure what his real name is, but we love him just the same.

Man, Butterscotch has it tough.

Katie found Butterscotch nestled in the planter outside the office.

I guess you can tell which one is my favorite!