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7 of the Most Fascinating Facts About the Lubee Bat Conservancy

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A visit to the Lubee Bat Conservancy provides a fun, flying fox-filled experience that everyone can enjoy. Your attendance also benefits the overall mission of spreading awareness and advancing conservation efforts. Admire the endangered creatures in an environment that allows them to thrive and flourish. Observe as scientists study their habits and interactions with their environments and share their findings. Learn about the critical roles that bats play in nature. Kids and nature enthusiasts love the opportunity to explore the facilities, meet with environmental experts, and see hundreds of bats flurrying around. 

The Lubee Bat Conservancy makes for a great activity when visiting Gainesville, FL, but there is more for you to explore! Gain access to our free Vacation Guide and get the insider scoop on all the best restaurants, activities, and year-round events that will make your trip one to remember! 


7 Facts About the Lubee Bat Conservancy

1. Passionate About Endangered Wildlife

They have a strong passion for endangered wildlife, particularly bats. Founded as a non-profit organization in 1989, the Conservancy has since dedicated their time to rescuing bats and researching their habitats while focusing on community engagement and raising awareness about endangered species.  

2. Home to Over 200 Fruit Bats

The research and conservation center houses over 200 fruit bats. Working with a team of conservation scientists, educators, and zoological institutions, Lubee Bat Conservancy continues to encourage the conservation of fruit and nectar bats through educational outreach. Focusing on the bats and their relationship with the environment, the staff works to understand these friendly flying mammals better. 

3. You Can Tour a Bat Viewing Facility

The Conservancy encourages guests to tour the bat viewing facility. Located just 10 miles north of Gainesville, guests can visit the center to engage with educated staff and tour the primary bat viewing facilities where they observe twelve different species of frugivorous bats interacting with their environment.  

4. They Participate in Research

The Conservancy collaborates with a myriad of partners such as the University of Florida, Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo, Papoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation, and the Repurpose Project. These relationships allow for additional research, funding, and support. 

5. Wide Variety of Fruit and Flower Bats

Many different species of bats thrive here including: 

  • African Straw-Colored Fruit Bat 
  • Egyptian Fruit Bat 
  • Grey Headed Flying Fox 
  • Indian Flying Fox 
  • Island or Variable Flying Fox 
  • Large or Malayan Flying Fox 
  • Lesser Short-Nosed Fruit Bat 
  • Little Golden Mantled Flying Fox 
  • Rodrigues Fruit Bat 
  • Spectacled Flying Fox 

6. Bats Assist in Pollination

Humans rely on bats’ contribution to seed dispersal and pollination. Scientists estimate that almost 200 different plants yield products that humans consume. Their population is essential, and the conservancy aims to spread awareness so that the overhunting, deforestation, and persecution of bats doesn’t continue to hinder their population.  

7. You Can “Adopt” a Bat

A fun way to donate to Lubee is to adopt a flying fox. The adoption package you receive includes a photo, certificate, and a letter from your adopted animal! The adoption fee helps cover veterinary care and basic needs as well as fun toys like puzzle feeders, bells, and rainmakers.  

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