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Everything You Need to Know About Innovation Square in Gainesville

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With countless technological advances and state-of-the-art innovation, the future surrounds us. One could easily consider Innovation Square as the Gainesville equivalent to San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. The 40-acre urban plan conveniently sits between downtown Gainesville and the distinguished University of Florida. This tech-savvy district serves as a connecting hub for collegiate students and faculty to interact with technology-based companies. Startups can receive recognition and boost their reliability in the eyes of consumers by association with Innovation Square. The plan also benefits students and researchers at the university by providing an array of job opportunities within reach.

Innovation Square in Gainesville functions as a center for software developers, computer programmers, engineers, and other techies. If you’re visiting for tech conferences, business expos, to visit the University, or anything of the like, you’ll find plenty to do in your downtime.  Our local experts compiled a comprehensive collection of the best restaurants and attractions. Many guests use our vacation guide as a tool to plan a fun and productive trip. We did all the research so you can spend more quality time preparing for busy days full of meetings and exploration!

About Innovation Square in Gainesville

Whether school tours, important business meetings, or curiosity brings you to Innovation Square, you’ll find the booming tech scene in Gainesville to be quite impressive. The square considers itself to be a sustainable environment in which companies and entrepreneurs can focus on the creation and development of new concepts and then execute and commercialize them.

Surround yourself with forward-thinkers, ingenuity, and creativity in Gainesville’s tech hub. Discover state-of-the-art laboratories and business complexes such as the Infusion Technology Center at the UF Innovation Square. For career folk looking to mix and mingle with the tech-savvy population in Gainesville, FL, look no further. Visionary minds can seek and encounter intellectual and social connections with a diverse group of people.

Where to Find Coffee and Free WiFi

When you spend most of your visit staying busy, running between meetings, and trying to get as much work done as possible, you don’t have as much time to find the best coffee shops or free wifi. If you need to get a few things taken care amidst a busy schedule, check out the following coffee shops located in Innovation Square where you can find free wifi and a great cup of joe!

  • Karma Cream boasts an environmentally conscious menu with items such as coffee, vegan baked goods, and ice cream!
  • When in doubt, Starbucks always comes through with free wifi and a much-needed espresso shot!  
  • Go to Volta Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate for the delicious menu items and stay for the free wifi!
  • Pascal’s Coffeehouse is another great spot to get some work done and fuel up on your lunch break!

Where to Stay

Sweetwater Branch Inn Business ServicesSweetwater Branch Inn makes the perfect home away from home for someone interested in Innovation Square in Gainesville. Business professionals, computer nerds, and University of Florida prospects can get away from the hustle and bustle of busy schedules in our little oasis. Tucked away from the surrounding big city, our Cushman House and McKenzie House accommodations provide ample space to relax and high-speed wifi to get some work done. Enjoy our thoughtful staff, amazing amenities, a nutritious breakfast, and a fun wine and cheese hour

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