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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer For Your Venue

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For so many couples, two of the biggest things on their “what’s most important” wedding checklist are: venue aesthetic and photos.

At Sweetwater, the venue aesthetic is easily checked off that list. We have a unique venue that epitomizes the romantic feeling many couples want on their wedding day. Having the perfect people to capture that day in photos is so important.

We have a list of amazing preferred vendors, and while we don’t require that couples choose these, we recommend them for so many important reasons.

Why should you consider one of our preferred photographers?

  1. They know the space.
    We have tons of different rooms, cottages, fountains, courtyards, porches, and bridges, and photographers like Kimber Greenwood of Water Bear Photography know the secret to finding the most unique shots on the property.
  2. They know how our events run.
    We always communicate with photographers leading up to the wedding to make sure our timelines match up. However, our preferred vendors tend to know the best way to integrate their timelines into ours.
  3. They’ve received real-life recommendations from couples who have gotten married at Sweetwater.
    Every vendor listed on our preferred vendors list has received a recommendation letter directly from the couple, saying they’d recommend that other Sweetwater couples use them for their own weddings. If you pick one of these vendors, you know they’ve made other real couples exceptionally happy on their special day.

We are always open and excited to add new preferred vendors to our list! If you had your wedding with Sweetwater and loved your vendors, make sure to reach out to us and let us know how they made your day special.


Photos by Kimber Greenwood of Water Bear Photography