What Can You See at the Hoggetowne Medieval Festival?

Have you ever dreamt of traveling back in time? What if we told you there’s a way to do that? No, we haven’t invented the time machine—we just know the perfect way to teleport to medieval times. Don’t believe us? Head over to the Hoggetowne Medieval Festival and see for yourself! This event offers great themed activities, games, crafts, and live entertainment you don’t want to miss. Read on to learn more about it and start planning your visit.

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Plan the Best Day Ever at the Hoggetowne Medieval Festival


What Is the Hoggetowne Medieval Festival?

Medieval fans will absolutely love the Hoggetowne Medieval Festival, also known as the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire. Every year between January and February, the Alachua County Fairgrounds is transformed to mirror a medieval marketplace complete with feasts, games, and artisans selling their wares. More than 40,000 people attend during this time, making it one of the most popular events in the area! It’s the perfect opportunity to have fun with your loved ones, so don’t miss out on it! You can either get your tickets in advance (which we recommend) or at the gate the day of.

What Can You Do at the Festival?

The festival offers a wide variety of activities to keep you occupied all day long. One of our favorite activities is the joust! Marvel as the knights in full armor battle to win first prize on horseback. You’ll really feel as if you’ve stepped back in time (or onto the set of a movie). Other shows include jugglers, acrobats, and knife-throwers, which can be seen on the nine stages found throughout the grounds. 

You can also browse through a fabulous selection of crafts at the faire. More than 160 artists and crafters display their work in the marketplace. These goods include leather goods, jewelry, wooden carvings, glass, paintings, and more. You can bring a unique souvenir back home and even find a great medieval costume if you want to blend in!

When you feel your stomach growling, head over to the food and drink booths (scattered across the faire)! Enjoy a traditional medieval treat like a giant turkey leg, or something more familiar like freshly-baked pastries and succulent ribs.


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