Don’t Miss the Best Performances at the Hippodrome State Theatre

There’s so much to do in Gainesville! Look beneath the surface, and you will find a booming art scene in this Florida city. Visit the Hippodrome State Theatre to experience local plays, art house films, and visual art. Appreciate the talent of up-and-coming artists and enjoy entertaining performances. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Broadway musical, an edgy, avant-garde film, or a peaceful stroll through the in-house gallery, you can satiate all your creative cravings in one location. Allow the theatre to enrich your life with drama, comedy, music, and quality.

The Hippodrome State Theatre draws art enthusiasts of all kinds to appreciate the myriad of plays, performances, and mixed-media. To uncover the rest of what Gainesville has to offer, browse our thoughtful vacation guide for more ideas! Skip the tedious task of preparation and use our handy planner to find:

  • Cultural events, museums, and entertainment
  • The best restaurants in Gainesville
  • Festivals and attractions you won’t want to miss
  • Outdoor adventures the whole family will love


Imagine a magical evening strolling through beautiful historic downtown, stepping through the grand doors of the Hippodrome, and taking the antique elevator up to the main stage theater for a mesmerizing performance. Behold some of the best plays in Gainesville as well as some of the most beloved, classic performances. With roles filled by professional actors and written by acclaimed writers, you’re in for quite a treat! Be sure to check the schedule to plan your visit accordingly!


If you find that the current box-office hit doesn’t quite appeal to your tastes, perhaps the Hipp Cinema has something on the screen that interests you. Discover some of the latest independent films, hard-hitting documentaries, and critically-acclaimed classics that you can’t find at your average movie theater. If you consider yourself a movie buff, check out an artsy foreign romance or a jarring family drama. Broaden your horizons and stumble upon your next favorite film. Immerse yourself in an emotional, cultural experience that aims to enlighten and engage your mind.

Art Gallery

To further expand upon your art-filled experience, peruse the current exhibit held in the Hippodrome gallery. In the past, the gallery hosted exhibitions featuring work centered around themes such as the art of protest, everyday life, and folk art. Peruse the various pieces and give yourself time to admire, ponder, and appreciate the emotions portrayed through mixed-media. In many cases, you can even browse with a glass of wine in hand! Whichever experience you choose to indulge in, you’re bound to leave feeling inspired with a renewed sense of understanding.

After Curtain Call at the Hippodrome State Theatre

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