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Drivers, Start Your Engines and GO to the Gainesville Raceway!

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If you’ve never been to the Gainesville Raceway, you need to take a visit. And if you have, you know the thrill you get from the roar of the engines that rock you from your seat. This establishment hosts the esteemed NHRA Gatornationals, as well as plenty more drag racing competitions throughout the year. So if you’re visiting Gainesville, FL, this attraction should be at the top of your list of things to do. Add a few more items to your itinerary using our Gainesville Vacation Guide, which suggests our favorite activities, events, and restaurants in the heart of the downtown. Open your best vacation yet.


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Get Ready for the Gainesville Raceway

On Your Mark

Before a race, you have to scope out your mark. This east coast raceway is only a 15-minute drive from Sweetwater Branch Inn and holds up to 30,000 people. Check out their schedule and decide which event you’re going to attend! The most popular and esteemed race that happens here is the NHRA Gatornationals. It was here that drag racer Kenny Bernstein broke the 300-mile-per-hour barrier for the first time in history back in 1992.

Get Set

Now, it’s time to get prepared for your excursion. At this venue, you’re able to bring in your own snacks and drinks, so long as you don’t use a glass container. Consider requesting one of our Picnic Baskets filled with delicious food to keep you fueled for the race. You might also want to wear cool clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and some sunscreen!


Arrive at the strip and take your seat. But, you won’t be in it long as you stand to watch a drag racer zoom past at speeds up to 300-miles-per-hour!

If you loved this experience, consider becoming part of the NHRA Top Eliminator Club. When you sign up, you get access to private grandstands to watch the race. You’ll even receive complimentary meals, access to the pit, and exclusive drag racer appearances!

Cross the Finish Line at Sweetwater Branch Innblue moon room bed

After your trip to Gainesville Raceway, finish the day back at Sweetwater Branch Inn. Cool off from your afternoon with a dip in the pool. Then, join us for a snack at our Wine & Cheese Hour to relax over some of our favorite local varietals. Or, if you’ve worked up more of an appetite than just hor ‘d oeuvres, save the trouble of going back out by requesting that a personal chef prepare you an astounding, mouth-watering meal. When you’re satisfied, celebrate your victorious day in peace in accommodations like the Blue Moon Room. Here, you’ll have a satisfying, peaceful sleep in your cozy king-size bed.


We look forward to seeing you soon here in Gainesville, FL!


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