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What You’ll See at the Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation

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When you think of Gainesville, Florida, you imagine the bustling city: the restaurants, the lively bars, and the various events and festivals. However, tucked away on the outskirts of town lies the Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation. This peaceful sanctuary resting on lush fields of natural grass hosts 25 species of exotic animals. Who would have thought you’d find so much wildlife near the heart of the city?

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Everything About the Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation

What They Do

The conservation houses many different species of endangered and exotic animals. They are a nonprofit organization, with all donations going directly to the upkeep and care of the animals. The group also aids in the rehabilitation of the species they take of and are incredibly passionate about educating others on why we need to protect these amazing creatures.

What YOU Can Do

Schedule a tour to view animals like cheetahs, rhinos, bobcats, jaguars, and more! A guide will walk you through each exhibit and tell the animal’s story, as well as cool facts about each species. Don’t forget to check out their upcoming events where you can show your support for the organization.

Want to Help?

After you’ve toured, if you feel a special attachment to one of the animals, you should consider becoming their sponsor. This is one of the most fun ways you can support the conservation! When you become a sponsor, you’ll receive a photo of the animal, and, depending on your level of sponsorship, will be able to visit them up to 6 times a year. You can even get your name written on the enclosure!

If you like the idea of sponsorship, other local organizations like the Lubbe Bat Conservancy also offer similar ways you can support their efforts! Visiting these places make up some of the best things you can do in Gainsville.

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