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Walk Through a Day at Bivens Arm Nature Park

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You wake up in a plush, queen-size bed beneath a custom stained glass window at Sweetwater Branch Inn. You lazily roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, and prepare for the day in a spacious bathroom. Your stomach growls, commencing the search for a delicious morning meal.

After you walk just a few steps, you arrive at a complimentary homemade breakfast complete with nearly every staple in the book.

Once you completely satisfy your hunger, you begin thinking about the day’s excursion: the weather is gorgeous and sunny, so there’s no need to waste it inside. After consulting your complimentary Vacation Guide, you choose to visit Bivens Arm Nature Park for a day out in nature.

Then, you hop in the car for a 7-minute drive to begin your first excursion! Want your own Vacation Guide to help you plan your trip to the city of Gainesville? It’s free, so get yours now!


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When You Arrive at Bivens Arms Nature Park…

Birds are chirping. The sun is shining, making its way between the gaps of live oaks and tall, bending pine trees. As you stroll through the nature trails that weave throughout the 81-acres of land at Bivens Arm Nature Trail Park, you’re happy to be out in the fresh air. You can see that plants and animals thrive in this gorgeous wildlife sanctuary.

Eventually, you arrive at one of the main park features: a large, wooden dock surround by marsh and oak hammock. Here, you take a rest on the inviting wooden benches and partake in bird watching for sightings of blue herons and graceful egrets. After a rest, there’s still plenty of time to continue exploring the astounding 1,200-foot boardwalk that meanders through creeks and connects to the Paynes Praire State Preserve’s wetlands.

Other Parks to Enjoy near Sweetwater Branch Inn

Explore These Florida Nature Parks:

Sweetwater Wetlands Park: 6-minutes away, and part of the Sweetwater Preserve

Morningside Nature Center: In 7-minutes, you can view the stunning wildflower display at this location

Loblolly Woods Nature Park: 9-minutes away with trails and boardwalks for walking or biking.

Alfred A. Ring Park: 10-minutes from Sweetwater Branch Inn, you’ll explore this sloped forest, great for a brisk hike.

Cofrin Nature Park: Located 15-minutes away in the heart of west Gainesville.

Upon Return to Sweetwater Branch Inn:Luisa's Room at sweetwater branch inn

After a peaceful day at Bivens Arm Nature Park, you return to Sweetwater Branch Inn just in time for Wine and Cheese Hour featuring delicious local selections. Once the velvety wine has soothed you, you decide to finally retreat to the comfort of Luisa’s Room. You rinse off the day in the six-foot whirlpool tub and return once more to the soft, queen-size bed. As you close your eyes and welcome sleep, you can’t help but think what tomorrow will bring on your adventures in the city of Gainesville. We look forward to seeing you soon at Sweetwater Branch Inn!

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